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Airbus 320 Carrying 142 Passengers Crashes in Fench Alps

An Airbus 320 has crashed in the French Alps. It was carrying 142 passengers and six crew members. The Airbus belongs to Germanwings, a German airline and Lufthansa subsidiary. Read more... March 24, 2015

Eight Killed and Hostages Taken in Terrorist Attack on Tunisian Museum

At least eight people have been killed in a terrorist attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunisia. Gunmen entered the building and opened fire on tourists inside. The museum is next to the parliament building. International tourists have also been taken hostage in the attack. Read more... March 18, 2015

Two Police Officers Shot in Ferguson

Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri. They were shot during protests in the city that came hours after the Ferguson police chief resigned after the Justice Department released a scathing report. Read more... March 12, 2015

Chile's Villarrica Volcano Erupts

Chile's Villarrica volcano has erupted sending lava high into the air. The volcano is located in Southern Chile. It is the first major eruption since 1971. Evacuations are reportedly being planned. The eruption occurred in the early morning hours. Read more... March 3, 2015

New Jersey House Explosion Captured on Dashcam

This dashcam video shows a New Jersey house exploding from a leaking natural gas line. No one was in the home which was being renovated. Unfortunately, 15 people, including firefighters, were injured in the blast. Read more... February 24, 2015

At Least Ten Stabbed in Tel Aviv Bus Attack

At least ten people have been stabbed in a terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv. No one was killed in the horrific attack but there are some with severe injuries. Read more... January 21, 2015

Two Dead in Florida Mall Shooting

Two people are dead and one is injured after a shooting in the food court area at the Melbourne Square mall in Melbourne, Florida. The shooting is not terrorism related. Read more... January 17, 2015

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