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Over 135 Killed in Taliban School Attack in Peshawar

Over 100 children have been killed in a horrific terrorist attack on a Pakistan school orchestrated by the Taliban. The attack included at least one suicide bombing set off inside the school. The attackers were reportedly ordered to murder as many children as possible. The BBC News reports that the attack has left at least 135 dead. Most of the dead are children. Read more... December 16, 2014

Video from Boko Haram Appears to Show Some of the Missing Girls

A video from Boko Haram appears to show some of the missing girls the terrorist group in Nigeria kidnapped from a local village. Nearly 300 girls were kdinapped in mid-April from Chibok. reports that Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the terrorist group, says the video shows about 130 of the kidnapped girls. Shekau won't return the missing girls until he gets back some men he says the Nigerian government has as prisoners. Read more... May 12, 2014

Afghanistan Landslide Kills at Least 2,000

At least 2,000 people are presumed dead following a landslide that buried an Afghanistan village. The landslide was triggered by torrential rains. CNN reports that a second landslide then buried hundreds of rescuers. The site is being declared a mass grave as officials have given up hope of finding people alive in the buried village. Read more... May 3, 2014

Russian Terrorist Group Threatens Sochi Olympics

A Russian militant Islamic terrorist group is threatening to commit violence at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The horrible terrorists are threatening to deliver a "present" during the games. The video claims the two men in the video are the suicide bombers who committed the two attacks last month in Volgograd. This claim has not yet been confirmed by Russian authorities. Russia will have a massive security presence at the games and will obviously be on high alert for terrorists threats given the recent bombings and this new video. Read more... January 20, 2014

Terrorist Attacks in Russia Raise Concerns For Olympic Security

Two terrorist attacks in Russia have raised serious concerns about security ahead of the Sochi Olympics. The first attack, which killed 17, was at a Russian train station in Volgograd. The second attack, also in Volgograd, occurred on a trolley in Volgograd. BBC News reports that at least 14 are dead in the lastest bombing. The two horrific attacks come several weeks ahead of the Sochi Winter Games, which begin on February 7th. Volgograd is hundreds of miles from Sochi, but the attacks raise major concerns about the security of Russia's transportation system. Read more... December 30, 2013

Guatemalans Burn Devils to Start the Christmas Season

Guatemalans burned devils to start the Christmas season. Burning devils is an annual tradition. A Lonely Planet guide says local traditions suggest the devil lurks in the corners of peoples homes, including in garbage. So the garbage is collected onto the streets and an effigy of the devil is burned on top of the garbage piles. The devils are also burned by themselves. Read more... December 12, 2013

Huge Hovercraft Lands on Russian Beach

An enormous Russian military hovercraft landed on a Baltic Sea beach. The Russian Navy hovercraft is the biggest in the world. The Russian military says this beach is actually a military training beach and it is the people who should not be there. Perhaps, this is why people are not running away from the hovercraft and are just standing there watching it. Read more... August 24, 2013

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