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  • Eight Killed and Hostages Taken in Terrorist Attack on Tunisian Museum (March 18, 2015): At least eight people have been killed in an attack on a museum in Tunisia. Hostages have also been taken.

  • Video from Boko Haram Appears to Show Some of the Missing Girls (May 12, 2014): A video from Boko Haram appears to show some of the missing girls the terrorist group in Nigeria kidnapped from a local village.

  • Nairobi Pipeline Explodes, Killing at Least 75 (September 12, 2011): A gas pipeline exploded in Kenya's capital of Nairobi.

  • Village in Egypt Crushed by Giant Boulders (September 8, 2008): Massive boulders fell away from the from the Muqattam cliffs outside Cairo and buried dozens of homes in an Egyptian shanty town.

  • More Terrorist Attacks in Algeria (August 20, 2008): The BBC reports on a fresh terrorist attack in Algeria.

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