DHS, FBI Concerned About Female Suicide Bombers

Posted on February 12, 2008

Fox News is reporting that the DHS and the FBI are warning law enforcement officials about female suicide bombers that appear to be pregnant. Fox News calls them mom bombers. The report (PDF) from the DHS warns of female bombers that may appear to be pregnant. These bombers may be wearing pregnancy prosthetics devices that make them appear pregnant to hide explosive devices.

The document also contained the following information under the category: Implications.
Suicide bombings continue to be the preferred terrorist tactic because the bomber controls the location, timing, and method of delivery. Many facilities such as public places are inherently vulnerable to suicide bombing attacks and the terrorist's latitude in determining and adjusting the target and timing of an attack up to the point of detonation further complicates countermeasures. These factors indicate the importance of disciplined security measures and alertness by security professionals to potential threats from the full-range of gender and age groups.

Despite the lack of a reliable, predictable profile of a suicide terrorist, security and law enforcement officials and first responders should be aware of terrorists' use of female suicide operatives and familiarize themselves with behavioral patterns that such bombers have demonstrated in previous attacks.
There doesn't appear to be anything to suggest this is about to happen in the United States but the DHS wants first responders to be aware of the possibility of a female suicide bomber. The increasing use of female suicide bombers - such as the ghastly use of Down syndrome patients recently in a recent Iraq bombing - has them concerned.