ISIS Unveils New Currency in the Form of Gold Dinar Coins

Posted on September 1, 2015

ISIS has unveiled a new currency. The militant group says the gold coins are part of its quest for "world domination."

ISIS has a number of ways of making money. The Independent reports that a couple methods including extortion of locals and selling oil and oil fields in the lands it has taken over in Syria and Iraq.

It is not believed that ISIS produced very many of the coins. The Independent says ISIS still pays its footman in U.S. dollars. The gold dinar coins would not be useful outside ISIS controlled territory unless melted down. Bloomberg reports that ISIS is touting the "return of the gold dinar" as a way to break the "capitalist financial system of enslavement."

France 24 reports that ISIS has not yet banned other forms of money, such as paper currency at this time. Take a look: