More Terrorist Attacks in Algeria

Posted on August 20, 2008

The BBC reports on a fresh terrorist attack in Algeria. The latest attack was twin car bombs that hit a barracks in bus in the Algerian city of Bouira. The attacks killed twelve and injured 42. They come just a day after an attack that killed 48 people at a police college.
The attacks come one day after a car bomb killed 48 people and injured a further 38 at a police college near Boumerdes, east of Algiers.

In recent months Algeria has suffered regular attacks blamed on Islamist insurgents linked to al-Qaeda.

The country has been rebuilding with the help of oil and gas profits after a brutal civil conflict in which Islamist militants led an insurgency against state security forces in the 1990s.

Many recent attacks have happened in the area east and south of Algiers, which borders the mountainous Berber region of Kabylia.
The attacks in Algeria have been linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist network. The Guardian has a story about the rise of al-Qaeda in Algeria.