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  • At Least 13 Killed in Quebec Train Derailment Disaster (July 8, 2013): 13 are confirmed dead and at least fifty are missing in the Quebec train derailment disaster.

  • FEMA: Hurricane Irene Power Outages Peaked at Over 6 Million (August 29, 2011): FEMA Director Craig Fugate said earlier today that over 5 million are still without power after Hurricane Irene.

  • New Jersey Issues State of Emergency (August 25, 2011): New Jersey has issued a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irene.

  • Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival Destroyed by Storms (August 19, 2011): Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival has been destroyed by violent storms that brought strong winds, heavy rain and large hail.

  • Powerful Tornado Hits Joplin, Missouri. At Least 25 Dead (May 23, 2011): A powerful tornado hit Joplin, Missouri on Sunday.

  • Aerial Footage Shows Tuscaloosa Devastation (April 29, 2011): Aerial footage of the Tuscaloosa tornado damage shows absolute devastation.

  • Previously Unseen Footage of Japan Tsunami Released (April 28, 2011): The Japanese Coast Guard has released new footage of the March 11 tsunami which was triggered by a massive 9.

  • Tornado That Damaged St. Louis' Lambert Airport Was EF3 (April 23, 2011): The National Weather Service says the tornado that damaged Lambert Airport in St.

  • 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Christchurch, New Zealand (February 22, 2011): A 6.

  • Toxic Sludge Reaches Danube River (October 7, 2010): MSNBC.

  • Raw Video: Gulf Oil Spill Seen Underwater (May 12, 2010): BP released this video that shows oil spewing out from its damaged oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • New Jersey Homes Underwater After Flood (March 19, 2010): The AP reports that hundreds of homes are still underwater in northern New Jersey days after a storm moved through.

  • FBI Releases American Samoa Tsunami Footage (October 9, 2009): The FBI has released this dramatic footage that shows the tsunami striking the FBI office in Pago Pago in American Samoa on September 29th.

  • Footage of Damage From Samoa Tsunami (October 4, 2009): The Associated Press rode in on a helicopter with FEMA as they toured damage from the tsunami which killed at least 176 people in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga.

  • Tsunami Hits American Samoa (September 30, 2009): Dozens are dead after a tsunami struck the harbor of American Samoa.

  • Lost Plane: Air France Flight 447 (June 4, 2009): The families of Air France Flight 447 have been told they must abandon hope that anyone survived.

  • Powerful Earthquake Hits Offshore Honduras (May 29, 2009): A powerful earthquake toppled over dozens of homes in Honduras and Belize on Thursday.

  • Desperate Haitians Eating Mud After Four Hurricanes (October 30, 2008): A very dire situation is being reported in Haiti.

  • Village in Egypt Crushed by Giant Boulders (September 8, 2008): Massive boulders fell away from the from the Muqattam cliffs outside Cairo and buried dozens of homes in an Egyptian shanty town.

  • New Orleans Avoids Katrina Repeat; Houma Hit Hard (September 2, 2008): Hurricane Gustav made landfall near Houma, Louisiana.

  • Chino Earthquake Reactions: Judge Judy and Big Brother (July 30, 2008): Yesterday's 5.

  • Moderate Earthquake Rattles Southern California (July 29, 2008): An 5.

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