Residents of Small Texas Town Find Bloodworms in Drinking Water

Posted on August 1, 2015

This is not what you want to see in your drinking water. Residents of Old River Winfree, a small Texas town, have found bloodworms in their drinking band bath water. The worms are easily visible in a clear glass pitcher.

Resident Karen Lowe says, "Everybody's been drinking. Everbody's been taking baths in it. No telling the health issues we all have regarding from it."

According to a LiveScience story about a similar incident in Oklahoma in 2013 the bloodworms are harmless if swallowed (something no one wants to do). So far no on has offered the townspeople a good explanation for how the worms are getting in the water. The J&S Water Company says it ran tests and found no bloodworms in the water supply. Take a look: