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  • FBI Identifies Ahmad Khan Rahami as Suspect in Chelsea Bombing (September 19, 2016): Ahmad Khan Rahami has been named a suspect in the Chelsea bombing in New York City. He is said to be armed and dangeorus.

  • Donald Trump Says Obama ISIS Founder Claim Was Sarcasm (August 12, 2016): Donald Trump now says his comment that Obama was the founder of ISIS was sarcasm.

  • Islamic State Attacks Natural Gas Plant Near Baghdad (May 15, 2016): Islamic State attacks a natural gas plant located to the north of Baghdad today.

  • ISIS Unveils New Currency in the Form of Gold Dinar Coins (September 1, 2015): ISIS has unveiled a new currency in the form of gold dinar coins as a way of battling the U.S. dollar.

  • Eight Killed and Hostages Taken in Terrorist Attack on Tunisian Museum (March 18, 2015): At least eight people have been killed in an attack on a museum in Tunisia. Hostages have also been taken.

  • Over 135 Killed in Taliban School Attack in Peshawar (December 16, 2014): Over 100 children have been killed in a terrorist attack on a Pakistan school orchestrated by the Taliban.

  • Russian Terrorist Group Threatens Sochi Olympics (January 20, 2014): A Russian terrorist group is threatening to disrupt the Sochi Olympics. The terrorists revealed photos of suicide bombers that hit

  • Terrorist Attacks in Russia Raise Concerns For Olympic Security (December 30, 2013): Two terrorist attacks in Russia have raised serious concerns about security ahead of the Sochi Olympics.

  • Manhunt Underway for Boston Marathon Bomber in Watertown (April 19, 2013): A manhunt is underway for the bombers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev is the suspect being hunted.

  • Raw Footage of Boston Marathon Explosions (April 15, 2013):

  • Arson Attack in Monterrey, Mexico Casino Kills at Least 53 (August 26, 2011):

  • New Videos of Osama bin Laden Released (May 7, 2011):

  • U.S. Says Osama Bin Laden Unarmed When Killed (May 4, 2011):

  • Faisal Shahzad Video Revealed (July 14, 2010):

  • New York City Police Department Releases Aerial 9/11 Photos (February 10, 2010):

  • Terrorists Attack Mumbai (November 30, 2008):

  • Massive Truck Bomb Attack on Pakistan Marriott Hotel (September 22, 2008):

  • Troops in Afghanistan Remember 9-11 (September 11, 2008):

  • More Terrorist Attacks in Algeria (August 20, 2008):

  • U.S. Government Says Anthrax Suspect Acted Alone (August 9, 2008):

  • Police Thwart Plot to Kill Mohammed Cartoonists (February 13, 2008):

  • DHS, FBI Concerned About Female Suicide Bombers (February 12, 2008):

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