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  • Bill Gross Says Trump's Targeting of Companies Reminds Him of Mussolini (January 7, 2017): Bill Gross says Donald Trump's targeting of specific companies as PEOTUS reminds him of Mussolini's policies.

  • FBI Identifies Ahmad Khan Rahami as Suspect in Chelsea Bombing (September 19, 2016): Ahmad Khan Rahami has been named a suspect in the Chelsea bombing in New York City. He is said to be armed and dangeorus.

  • Death Toll in Louisiana Floods Reaches Ten (August 16, 2016): Ten people have now been killed in the deadly Louisiana floods.

  • Donald Trump Calls for Extreme New Screening Test for Immigrants (August 15, 2016): Donald Trump called for new screening procedures and suspension of immigration from dangerous regions.

  • Donald Trump Says Obama ISIS Founder Claim Was Sarcasm (August 12, 2016): Donald Trump now says his comment that Obama was the founder of ISIS was sarcasm.

  • Paul Ryan Finally Gets an Endorsement From Donald Trump (August 5, 2016): Paul Ryan finally got the endrosement from Donald Trump. Earlier this week he said he wasn't quite yet ready to endorse Ryan.

  • Boos Heard as Ted Cruz Finishes Speech at Republican National Convention (July 20, 2016): Boos could be heard as Ted Cruz finished his speech at the Republic National Convention in Cleveland. He did not endorse Trump.

  • President Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton (June 9, 2016): President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton for President in video shared on YouTube.

  • Three Killed in Louisiana Theater Shooting (July 23, 2015): At least three people are killed and seven are injured in a theater shooting in Louisiana.

  • Rita's Replaces Custard With Soft-Serve Due to Bird Flu (July 10, 2015): There is a growing egg shortage because of bird flu and it starting to lead to restaurant changes. Ritha's has replaced its frozen custard with soft-serve.

  • U.S. Records First Measles Death in 12 Years (July 3, 2015): The United States has recorded its first measles death in 12 years. A woman died from measles in the state of Washington.

  • Calls to Close NC Beaches Grow After 7th Shark Attack (July 2, 2015): Calls to close beaches in North Carolina are growing after a 7th person was attacked by a shark.

  • 9 Killed at Church Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina (June 18, 2015): Nine people are dead after a shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The shooter has been arrested.

  • Two Police Officers Shot in Ferguson (March 12, 2015): Two police officers were shot in Ferguson. They are both in serious condition.

  • New Jersey House Explosion Captured on Dashcam (February 24, 2015): This dashcam video shows a New Jersey house exploding. No one was inside the house but firefighters near the house were injured.

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